October 2, 2012

Primitive Turkey Embellishment

Design a primitive turkey embellishment that would be perfect for hair bow centers, headbands, or even cardmaking and scrapbooking.  Create the turkey using hemp rope, add fabric feathers using bias tape, and finish with baby ric rac and mini buttons.

Materials Needed:
23" of hemp rope
6.5" of yellow double wide bias tape
7" of red double wide bias tape
7" burnt yellow double wide bias tape
1" burnt yellow double wide bias tape (for beak)
9.5" of orange double wide bias tape
red baby ric rac
yellow baby ric rac
Dritz Fray Check
mini buttons
hot glue gun

1. Begin by cutting 23" of hemp rope.  Roll 12" of the hemp and hold it in place with hot glue.  This is the body of the turkey.

2. Roll the other end, holding in place with hot glue.  This is the head of the turkey.

3. Glue on the turkey face.  Add mini buttons, a fabric beak (use Dritz Fray Check to keep it from fraying), and a ric rac snood.

4. To make the feathers begin with 7" of burnt yellow.  Fold the bias tape in half, at the crease mark fold the ends of the bias tape into the double fold.

5. Sew it in place.

6. Cut 7" of red bias tape and 6.5" of yellow bias tape.  Fold the ends in and sew in place.

7. Cut 6.5" of orange bias tape and an additional 3".  Sew the two loops together and add a third at the top.

8. Glue the burnt yellow to the back of the turkey body.  Notice the placement of the loops the curve is at the bottom.

9. Glue the red onto the body the curve is at the top.

10. Glue the yellow with the curve at the top.

11. Glue the three orange feathers to the top.

12. Add yellow ric rac feet.

13. Your primitive turkey embellishment is complete.


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  1. What an adorable idea. You put together a great tutorial. Thanks.


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