February 28, 2012

Wooden Ribbon Rack {Tutorial}

Yesterday, I shared photos of my craft room.  I designed a ribbon holder to display my ribbon and free up some space. 

 To make the ribbon holder I went to my local hardware store.  I chose a hardware store that would cut the wood for me.  I prefer my local Home Depot just because I know where everything and they always cut the wood for me without an issues.   First, I asked them to cut a 1" by 10" in half for me.  The half cut gave me the sides.  Please note a 1" by 10" is actually 3/4" x 9-1/4" - one of life's little mysteries.   Next, I asked them to cut the bottom and top for me.  I need the bottom and top to be 34" long.  I purchased 36" oak dowels which gives an inch sticking out on either side.     

Using a drill bit I drilled holes into the wood where I wanted to place my dowels.  I clamped the wood together and drilled the holes so that I would be sure they would meet evenly.  I place larger holes at the bottom for large heavy spools of ribbon.  And smaller holes using thin width dowels for the top.

Once all my holes were done I just framed it using L-brackets. 

I then inserted the dowels and added the ribbon spools.  If the ribbons spools are too heavy for the oak dowels you can use metal rods but it is more expensive and harder to cut.


  1. Love this project! Very functional and looks neat! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment.

  2. How much did this cost overall and time in labor?


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