January 1, 2012

Easy Party Favor Glue Dots Lines Centerpiece

Centerpiece or Home Decor Accent Piece
Design this super easy and inexpensive table centerpiece.  Create several centerpieces for large gatherings like weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries.  Using Glue Dots Lines®, glitter, and flowers color coordinate your centerpieces to fit your style and occasion.

Recycled Glass Bottle
Glue Dots® Lines
Blue Glitter
Orange Flowers
Clear Liquid Filled Balls (Purchased at the Dollar Store)

1.     Begin with a recycled bottle.  I love the shape of this square recycled bottle.  At one point it was filled with hot chocolate mix.  When the mix was gone the bottle was just too cool to throw away.  I decided to transform the bottle into a pretty centerpiece.

2.     Wrap Glue Dots® Lines evenly spaced around the bottle.

3.     Sprinkle glitter onto the bottle on all sides so that it sticks to the Glue Dots® Lines.

4.     Brush away excess glitter on the bottle.  The glitter on the Glue Dots® Lines will stay adhered to the glue and leave a neat design.

5.     Fill the bottle with water or use clear liquid filled balls.  I found these balls at the Dollar Store.  I love how they look in bottles.   The balls come in a clear bottle with a white cap and the label says, “Decorative Accents”.

6.     Add a few little flowers to the bottle and your centerpiece is complete.


- I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® design team.


  1. Love the idea of the glitter line on the vase!

  2. This will be in my 2012 to do list! Thanks for the cute idea!


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