October 29, 2011

Deranged Orange Halloween Heads

Create these easy "Deranged" Halloween heads as a fun classroom craft.  To make this craft I used oranges for the base of the head.  I wanted to use oranges so that after Halloween kids have a healthy food option.  - Fun little twist on all the candy that usually accompanies Halloween festiveness.

Black 6" Tulle
Googly Eyes
Halloween Foam Stickers
Green Pipe Cleaners
Craft Feathers
Glue Dots Craft
Pinking Sheers (optional)

1. Purchase oranges to use to create your deranged Halloween heads.

2. Cut two tulle strips, 12" long.  Fold the strips and half and the place then in a X.  Place the orange in the center.

3. Hold the tulle in place with a small rubber-band.

4. Trim the top of the tulle with pinking sheers.

5. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the top of the rubber-band.  Add a feather to the pipe cleaner.  Twirl the ends of the pipe cleaner around your finger to create fun ringlets.

6. Using Glue Dots Craft attach googly eyes, a nose, mouth, and some Halloween foam stickers.

* I will be bringing oranges into my daughter's 3rd grade class to make this craft.  However, I will cut the tulle and rubber-band it in place for all the kids.  The kids should have fun decorating the heads but the tulle might be too difficult.

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