August 3, 2011

Princess Birthday Party

A princess style birthday party fit for a PRINCESS!  I like birthday parties with themes.  The theme is usually whatever my child is "into" a the time.  I always ask my kids to pick whatever theme they want for their birthday and then I go from there. 

Though the Bob the Builder theme several years ago might go down in history as my all time favorite.  Something about seeing everyone in bright yellow hard hats still makes me chuckle!  The princess theme was by far the easiest for me to pull off.  I asked all the little girls to arrive in their favorite princess costume and then I decorated our sunroom in true princess style.

Every princess needs a grand entrance.

I bought little Disney princess chairs and lowered my folding table to small princess height.

I added princess window clings to the sunroom windows. 

I made little wands for each princess.  I used tulle, ribbon strands, and my Bowdabra.

And, of course, whats a princess without some jewelry and bling!

To make some more homemade princess decorations visit my tutorials at the Bowdabra Blog.

Clothespin Fairies - Design little fairies with tulle tutus and ribbon wings.  Children can make them at the party and then bring them home as party favors.

Ribbon Rings - Create beautiful and customized ribbon rings using Bobbin Ribbon and Perler Beads.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a great party Sarah. My favorite are the little chairs! Happy belated birthday to your daughter, and I hope she had a GREAT day!


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