March 7, 2011

Knifty Knitter Spring Shawl

I first saw the Knifty Knitter at Crafts Unleashed.  Alyssa had designed a cowl using it and after seeing how gorgeous her cowl turned out I wanted one, bad! 

This weekend I finally got my chance to sit down and try out the Knifty Knitter.  

The Knifty Knitter by Provocraft comes with a loom, hook, and yarn needle.

The step-by-step picture instruction guide on yarn placement and how to begin weaving. 

With spring coming I thought a loosely woven shawl would be perfect.   I  single wrapped my yarn and got a loose stitch perfect for spring-wear.  

Alyssa double wrapped her yarn for a tightly woven warm winter look.

Photo by Alyssa at Crafts Unleashed

The great thing about this product is that because it is so repetitive the more you do it the faster and easier it becomes for you.  I was able to get quite a bit done after dinner, while sitting at the table talking with my family. 

I hope to finish the rest of the shawl in the next couple of days while waiting at school to pick-up my children from their various extra-curriculum activities.  I love how portable it is!

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