June 18, 2010

Getting Creative with Blank Cards

Blank cards are just like a blank canvas ready for your creative ideas and inspirations. However, the difference is that with a card often you have a specific person in mind that you are making the card for. I do not make my cards until there is a specific occasion or person to give them to. It allows me to personalize my cards for each individual person and specific moment in time.

My daughter’s last day of first grade is today. I wanted to make a thank you card for her teacher and the teacher’s aide. Her first grade teacher is a wonderful caring person with a traditional classy way about her. I wanted to make her a card that coordinated with her gift. Her gift was designed with a school theme, hence, the apple themed thank you card. I used clipart from Microsoft publisher, with a dark frame printed on heavy card stock. I attached the cardstock to a large red card with brads. I then raised the image from the card with 3D Foam Squares. I “heart” 3D Foam Squares they are just awesome and really give a card wonderful dimension.

I wanted to make a fun whimsical thank you card for the teacher’s aide. She is a younger girl who has been absolutely lovely to my daughter. I chose to make her card match her gift, as well, with floral patterns and a whimsical girly feel.

I used floral stickers, chipboard, cardstock, and gems. The wonderful thing about this card is that I had absolutely no idea of what I was going to create or how. I started with the flower sticker. I then added some leaves just as an extra accent. However, once I saw the leaves I realized I needed a flower in the center of them. I added a chipboard flower and then the gem inside of it. I attached some cardstock along the side and then added the gems along side of it.

Blank cards are a wonderful way to express yourself creatively and show your friends and family you care. Each card is different, it doesn’t require you to have a lot of supplies on hand, and is not very time consuming. If you are unsure about scrapbooking and paper crafting I would strongly recommend starting with cards and going from there. Sometimes an entire scrapbooked album can feel very overwhelming but one thank you card at a time is a great relaxing craft.

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