June 21, 2010

Canning Jar Teacher Gift Ideas

We love Classico Pasta Sauce at our home. The pasta sauce comes in nice large Mason Jars. When the jars are empty; I wash, remove the label, and store away for crafts.

Recently, I made several gifts using the mason jars. I needed some end of the year teacher’s gifts. I purchased several containers of trail mix. The brightly colored M & M’s screamed: “Teacher Theme”. I used teacher themed cardstock and wrapped a strip around the jars.

I attached a strip of “School Days” Morex Bobbin Ribbon around the edge of the can lid. Next, I added a cardstock circle on top of the lid. I then finished the gift by adding “ABC” letter punches and an apple with a brown pipe-cleaner stem.

I held everything on the Mason Jars with my favorite adhesive: Glue Dots.

I filled the “Teacher Themed” Mason Jars with trail mix and then placed the heavy jars into wine bags that I decorated with a “Teacher Theme”, as well. The wine bags work great, they are the right size and are meant for holding heavy bottles.

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1 comment:

  1. What a clever idea! I especially like the gift bag, it's a great finishing touch. You always go all out. Thanks for the ideas.


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