June 29, 2010

Cuttlebug and Cuttlebug Die Cuts

Cuttlebug by ProvoCraft "Expressing creativity has never been easier. Cut shapes, emboss shapes or cut then emboss shapes. The machine and inspired die designs exclusive to the Cuttlebug system are as fun as they are simple to use. Just lower the platforms; a powerful gripping mechanism holds the machine in place. Then place cutting material and die (face up) between cutting mats and turn the handle to move the die through the machine. Remove the die cut shape and start crafting. Cuttlebug is user friendly with any die and cuts a variety of materials. Its fold-n-store profile allows storage in a small amount of space and the built-in pop-up handle allows for quick transport. Machine includes: Cuttlebug die cutter and embosser spacer block, 2 cutting pads, thin die adapter, user manual, handle, hex key tool, screw and plastic cap."  Product Description provided by Amazon.com

I had been looking at the Cuttlebug Machines for sometime. I had wanted one but I am pretty new to scrapbooking and I wasn’t sure it was worth the money? I mentioned to my Mom that I was thinking about getting a Cuttlebug. And, guess what I got for my birthday from my parents? A Cuttlebug with some Cuttlebug Dies! So nice to be spoiled by your parents, even as an adult, thanks Mom and Dad!

When I opened the box the only assembly that was required was to attach the handle to the Cuttlebug. Easy enough!

The easy to follow directions explained about plate placing for the exact height you need to roll different manufactures dies through the Cuttlebug. I was using flower Cuttlebug dies; I added plate A, then plate B, scrapbooking paper, cutting dies, and then another plate B. I then rolled it through the Cuttlebug.

To my amazement and delight (I am amazed and delighted easily) I had four separate flower shapes. I used different scrapbooking paper, layered them, and added a brad in the center. I then attached the flowers with Glue Dots to the card that I had designed.

For more of my "Thank You Card" designs click here.

I have only been using my Cuttlebug for a few days but here is what I learned so far:
  • The plexi-glass plates that you are using are going to get scored and you will see the die cut imprints no matter which side you place your die (face up or face down). In the picture above, I placed my die cuts face down. However, I was supposed to place them foam side face up. Though, regardless of which way you place them it still leaves an imprint on your plates. I am thinking I will absolutely have to buy new plates and I did some research and go figure they are available.
  • The handle is not that easy to turn. I end up pushing through the plates and turning the handle at the same time.
  • Every time you cut paper you are left with a negative space. To not waste too much paper I need to start planning what I am going to do with the left over paper.
  • Die Cuts and Embossing Folders can get very expensive if I do not pace myself. I will have to look for great deals and slowly build up my supply.
For a wonderful array of Cuttlebug Die Cuts visit AllCraftSupplies.com

Cuttlebug Flower Dies (pictured above) are Item 317370 and can be found by typing the item number in the search field at AllCraftSupplies.com



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  1. hi
    funny thing about the negatives, that's what I'm after for my photography using a technique called Bokeh. People think I'm nuts when I ask them for negatives :-). I didn't want so spend so much money on little punches, but this looks like an interesting idea.

    What I wanted to ask, are the dies separate from each other i.e. when I cut the negative I have to have at least 3cm space around it.



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