May 3, 2010

Mother's Day Card with Mother's Day Pin Accent

Read my review of the 100% Cool Badge Maker by Creative Toys and then follow the instructions below to make a fun Mother’s Day Pin perfect as an embellishment on a Mother’s Day Card.

To make the Mother’s Day Pin:
Materials Needed:
Badge Maker
Letter Punches
Tacky Glue
Small Paper Accents

1. Begin by purchasing the 100% Cool Badge Maker.

2. Cut letters for your pin using letter punches. Lay them out onto one of the paper circles.

3. Using tacky glue, glue your pattern onto the center of one the circles provided in the kit. Use their plastic template to place your design correctly in the center.

4. Place the thin plastic (provided) and then your pattern face down in the Badge Maker. Attach the front piece of the badge to the arm at the top and press down.

5. Press the lever on the side of the Badge Maker, insert the center piece of the button onto the arm and press down again.

6. Release the lever on the side, slowly lift the arm up and twist the badge to lock it in place.

7. Take the badge off of the arm and attach the back piece to the badge.

8. Your badge is done. The badge or pin (as I refer to it often in this post) is very small. However, its smallness is what makes it unique and perfect for scrapbooking.

9. Add the badge to a Mother’s Day Card. Attach ribbon around the center of the card and then pin the badge to the ribbon. For all your scrapbooking supplies visit

FTC Disclosure

For more of my Mother's Day Craft Tutorials click here.

A big thank you for Craft Critique for featuring my card in their Mother's Day Carnival.  For more great Mother's Day Crafts visit them here.

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