May 17, 2010

Appliqued Heating Pad

I love reader participation! Sometimes I put my work out there and I feel like it just falls slowly down into a black pit of crafty despair. Do you ever feel that way? I am sure all of you must feel that way at one point or another. You have a passion for something that no else gets? You have an etsy store full of crafty goodness that no one seems to be buying, an ebay store full treasures that go un-noticed, etc.

Well today I received a wonderful surprise in my email box. One of my awesome readers, read my Heating Pad Tutorial and was inspired her to make her own! Now Jennifer Highsmith is not just any reader, she is one of those great readers we bloggers love. She comments on my fan page, she sends me emails of encouragement, she participates in my contests, she follows me over to Crafts Unleashed, where I am a designer and leaves me comments. Basically, Jennifer Highsmith just plain ROCKS!

So without further ado here is Jennifer’s oh so crafty Appliqued Heating Pad:

In her own words here are the details of her heating pad. “I used the leg from an old pair of jeans for the fabric. I cut the jean fabric into two rectangular shapes, sized to fit my microwave. I then appliqu├ęd a Mommy and Baby Whale onto a few waves that I used machine embroidery to create. I also used some contrasting fabric to create the sea. I stitched some ribbon on, as well, to further define the transition between sea and air. I sewed both rectangles (right sides together) leaving a small opening at one end. I then turned it right side out though the small opening. I ironed the rectangle and then used a funnel to pour dried lavender and rice inside. (I made the funnel from half of an old water bottle.) I hand stitched the opening (using slip stitches) closed and then put it into the microwave for 2 minutes for a test. I found this fabric holds the heat better and I had a hot heating pad for over an hour with no wires to get tangled on.”

Thanks to Jennifer I have now created a new category called Reader Participation.  If you have any crafts that you would like to showcase we would love to see them.  Any crafts that I have done that you have duplicated or taken a step further? We want to see them.  Please send me a picture and description of the craft to

The Reader Participation Category will remain ad-free and is purely for sharing and celebrating all of your wonderful creative ideas! - Sarah Forhan


  1. So cool! This is a very soothing design to me. Ty. Pat


  3. Thank you Sandy and Pat! I had fun making this and it seems everyone I know wants one. Everyone has their own idea of what picture they want. I tend to go nautical in some way but I've made bunny families on heating pads and frogs (just applique whatever you like). I use a buttonhole or satin stitch for the applique.


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