April 20, 2010

How to Make a Microwave Heating Pad

With Mother’s Day fast approaching I have been thinking of easy gifts to make for Mom.

This craft tutorial is inspired by an incredibly stressful morning I had. When I am stressed I immediately feel my lower back muscles start to tense up and my back just starts ache. The best stress reliever for me is this microwaveable heating pad that I designed; I sit down on the couch and place it against the small of my back. The chamomile tea fragrance is just an added soothing bonus.

In this ever stressful world the best gifts are the homemade stress releasers!

Approximately 2.5 lbs of rice (do not use instant rice)
10-15 Tea Bags or 10-15 tsp of loose tea
26in. X 7in. Heavy White Cotton or linen fabric
1 package of Blanket Binding (can be found where fabric is sold)
Funnel (top cut off a soda bottle)
Velcro with a sticky back

1. Mix rice and tea in a bowl blend well (cut open tea bags and place loose tea in bowl).
2. Cut white fabric 26in x 7in
3. Fold in half sew bottom, side, and leave the top open for filling
4. Turn right side out so you don't see your stitching and fill with rice 2/3 of the way full.
5. After filling, tuck top in 1/2in and sew top.
6. Unfold Blanket Binding, cut at a length 54in., and iron out crease.
7. Fold and half front to front and sew each side leave top open.
8. Fold hem in 1/2in and attach Velcro (with sticky back) two per side.
9. Turn right side out and slide the rice filled white fabric into the cover and Velcro closed.
10. Microwave for 90 seconds and place around neck, small of back, or across lap for menstrual cramps.
11. Remember nothing metal can go in the microwave so do not replace the Velcro with snaps it will spark.
12. I used opened Chamomile Tea Bags for fragrance but I intend to experiment with all types of tea. I like using the tea because it comes in a variety of soothing smells and is readily available.
13. I tried to make this craft as simple as possible with as little sewing as possible. You can add your own variation to this craft but I wanted to make it as easy to make as I could.
14. Cover can be taken off and washed on gentle cycle but the white cotton fabric with filling cannot be washed.

The Microwaveable Heating Pad makes a wonderful gift. Attach a note to present on how to use and launder.

deLa New Baby Never Expire

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