April 15, 2010

Bottle Cap Barrettes

I love to recycle whenever I can. I think there is this thrill of knowing that you could take something that would have been otherwise trash and turn it into something wonderful.

I wanted to make my own unique barrette using a bottle cap. However, I didn’t want it to be a tradition bottle cap barrette where the bottle cap was decoupaged with an image and then hot glued onto the center of a bow. I wanted something new, unique, lasting, safe, and comfortable to put in my daughter’s hair.

Bottle Cap
Alligator Clip
3/8” wide ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Small Swatch of Fabric

Begin by cutting 12” of 3/8” wide ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half, at the center crease mark hot glue it onto the top of the bottle cap. Bring the ribbon around the side and hot glue just along the edge.

Using a small amount of fiberfill lay it on top of the cap and along the edges. Helpful Hint: Hot glue along the edge of the bottle cap then place fiberfill on top.

Cut a fabric circle just large enough to fold the sides down into the bottle cap. Hot glue the sides of the fabric to the insides of the bottle cap; pinch, fold, and then hot glue. Hot glue the ribbon tails just to the side of the bottle cap.

The inside of the bottle cap doesn’t look so pretty, so to pretty it up fill the cap with fiberfill and then place a finishing circle of stiff felt held in place with hot glue.

Use the ribbon tails to hot glue the ribbon to the alligator clip, trim away excess ribbon.

There is a lot that you can do with this bottle cap barrette and I am really just getting started with it. I am thinking of sewing things on to the fabric, fun faces, little creatures, and other embellishments. I would love to see what you do with this craft. If you make any please link back so I can showcase your work to my readers.

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  2. Very clever, really like how you covered the bottle caps.


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