March 8, 2010

Spring No Sew Purse

I love ribbon and the look of woven ribbon. This stiff floral ribbon is very easy to work with and makes the perfect spring purse. Below is the step-by-step tutorial including pictures.

Materials Needed:
Spring Ribbon 2 Different Styles
Spring Colored Beads
Curling Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

1. Begin by cutting the two floral ribbon spools into 8" strips. You will need 12 strips of one style and 10 strips of the other style.

2. Lay 6 strips of the same style closely together. Then begin to weave 5 of the other floral strips back and forth between the 6 floral strips.

3. Use hot glue to hold your woven rectangle together.
4. Following the above steps to make another rectangle.
5. Fold a hem at the top of each rectangle and adhere it with hot glue.

6. Cut a 24" piece of curling ribbon and knot the end of it. Thread "Spring" colored beads onto the curling ribbon and knot the other end.

7. Using a hot glue gun, glue the beaded handle to the front of one of the rectangles.
8. Next, place the two rectangular ribbons pieces print-side to print-side. Use hot glue like a seam and run a thin straight bead of glue along the sides and the bottom of the purse.
9. Wait at least 10 minutes so that glue is thoroughly dried and then turn the purse inside out.

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