March 10, 2010

How to Make Easter Bunnies using Plastic Easter Eggs

I wanted to “dress-up” the little inexpensive plastic eggs that I had used last year and still make them functional. I wanted them to still open easily and I wanted to be able to still hide little goodies inside of them. Below are step-by-step picture instructions on how to make decorate Easter Eggs into colorful fun Easter Bunnies.

Begin by enlarging the two holes at the top of the egg or making them. The ones I had already had holes at the top I just took a large picture nail and widened the hole. The plastic is very thin so widening or even making the holes is very easy with a nail.

To make the ears cut two pipe cleaners about 4” long, fold them in half and insert the ends into the holes. Bend the pipe cleaner ends inside of the egg to hold the ears in place.

Decorate the front of the plastic eggs; I used googley eyes, small dots of adhesive foam or pom-poms for the nose, small pieces of pipe cleaner for the whiskers (held in place with glue dots), and adhesive foam for the mouth.

Using glue dots add a pom-pom on the back of the egg for the bunny’s tail. Place either coins or candy inside of the egg to get the bunny to stand.


Make several bunnies using different colored eggs.

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Happy Crafting,
Sarah Forhan

1 comment:

  1. How adorable!

    I am SO doing this with my kiddos. They will love it because they are so cute and fun looking and I will love it because we already have everythng we need!

    Thanks for sharing this!


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