April 19, 2009

A Need to Blog

When I started my business Sarah Forhan Enterprises and my website http://sarahforhan.com I decided to end this blog. My thought process was that I would be so busy I would not have time to blog. Little did I know blogging had become such a part of my life that I would feel a huge void without a blog.

Three years ago, I started to blog for Cafemom formally Clubmom. When I began blogging it was out of a need for income. My children were very young and I didn't want to work out of the house. At that time even the little that Clubmom was paying me was a Godsend to me (literally). It gave me the freedom of earning my own money while still being at home taking care of my children.

When Clubmom abruptly ended I started this blog; Sewing and Crafting with Sarah. I needed a place to display all of my craft projects that I had designed over the past three years. However, this blog formed out of a need not a desire. With Clubmom ending I lost my income. I needed to find a way to continue to make money, unfortunately this blog could not do that. It was basically a warehouse for my projects; not the nice shiny new home with the white picket fence I so desperately needed to put my projects in. So I resented this blog, even grew to hate it. All my ideas thrown into one place with not much thought or love put into.

Then last year, I began to write for Bowdabra. I started writing their craft projects, Home Decor. Ebooks, and crafts for their tv segments. Finally, I had a purpose, a way of earning income. My creativity was earning me money again. As I started to earn more money I realized that I needed to start my own business. I no longer could be an Independent Contractor but rather a real live business owner! It has been a scary starting my own business but has been a wonderful learning process for me!

And now I have come full circle. I no longer need this blog; I think that is what makes it so special to me. I get to take a deep breathe and just write, live, laugh, and love.

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