July 1, 2013

Elmer's Cork Foam Board for Craft Room

I was giving Elmer's Cork Foam Board to review.  I have some cards I made, ribbon art, and jewelry that I was working on that I thought would be perfect to display on the foam board and get off my craft desk.

The foam board is light-weight and one side has a thin layer of cork.  I used ribbon and thumb tacks to hang the board onto a room divider.  Super simple to put up, right!

I then just used thumb tacks to display the projects I had either finished or was in the process of working on.

The foam board is thick enough that you can place thumb tacks in and they don't poke out the other side.  The is a thin layer of cork that makes is durable and the thumb tacks don't tear at the foam.

Overall, I am really happy with the foam cork board.  I love that I am able to display my finished or work-in-progress crafts.  Best of all they are not taking up space on my craft table.

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