May 18, 2013

Adventures in Pompom Land Review

Adventures in Pompom Land by Myko Diann Bocek shares 25 cute projects made from handmade pompoms.  That is right - handmade pompoms!  These are not the cheap pompoms that you find in the children's section of a craft store.  These are handmade pompoms made with wool yarn.

I was really excited to review the book, however, when the book arrived the projects look way too difficult.  I am kickin' myself for not reviewing the book sooner.  Adventures in Pompom Land sat on my desk for a month just mocking me.  I had serious handmade pompom jitters.  I am crafty but could I really make any of these projects?  Turns out not only can I make them but I loved every minute of it!

The book has several pages dedicated to making pompoms by hand.  Along with step-by-step instructions to make 25 different little adorable creatures.  I am sure (like any craft) there is a learning curve.  Though, I am very happy with my very first handmade pompom animal!

I chose my first project to be a bird because I had the supplies on hand to make her.  Many of the other animals have appendages and to make them I would need wool roving (wool that has been carded and combed) along with felting needles.  I had so much fun making the bird that I think I will invest in additional supplies to make another animal.

Also, when making another animal I will use more yarn. I think if it was tighter it would have looked better.  I am cheap, though, and this yarn is expensive so it was hard for me to use more.  The directions are also not really clear on how much yarn you will need.  For instance, for the head I was told to use a 1/4 of the skein.  I wasn't working with a full skein, which left me very unsure how much to use.

To tie the pompoms the author recommends using waxed twine.  I am not sure what waxed twine is?  It sounded like dental floss to me.  I used dental floss and was able to tie my pompom (very tight) successfully.

I would recommend Adventures in Pompom Land to other crafters.  However, learn from my mistakes and avoid the pompom making jitters it is actually a whole lot of fun!  Cutting and shaping the pompoms reminded me of whittling wood - just a easier on the hands.

The book is on sale at Amazon for the amazing sale price of $9.32.

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  1. We love pom pom crafts! This bird is adorable! Thanks for sharing it in the Bowdabra Crafty Showcase this week.

    Susie @Bowdabra


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