September 28, 2012

Mini Fabric Candy Corns

Design these fun mini fabric candy corns that can be used for Halloween decorating, cards, party favors, or hair bow centers.  To create the fabric candy corns I used extra wide double-folded bias tape, maxi piping, and baby rick rack.  Follow the step-by-step tutorial to make several fabric candy corns.

Materials List:
  • Orange Extra Wide Double-Folded Bias Tape
  • White Extra Wide Double-Folded Bias Tape
  • Yellow Maxi Piping 
  • Yellow Baby Rick Rack
  • Yellow, White, and Orange Thread

1. Begin by cutting 2" of white bias tape.  Fold the bias tape in half, press the corners in a tack them down.  Finish by folding the ends in and sew them together.

2. Cut 1.5" of maxi yellow piping.  Fold the piping around the white bias tape.  Sew it in place.

3. Cut 1.75" of orange bias tape.  Fold the ends in at an angle and sew it into place onto the white bias tape.

4. The candy corns can be finished or you can add rick rac.  This is what they look like without the rick rack.

5. Add rick rack along the bottom of the orange either by stitching or gluing into place.

6. Attach candy corns to hair bows, gift packages, and party favors.

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