August 17, 2011

Perler Bead Dollhouse Furniture

It is all about the dollhouse furniture in our household!  My father is building a dollhouse for my daughter and all she can think about is the little furniture she wants to put in it!  Visit Crafts Unleashed to read his latest dollhouse post.  The dollhouse is really coming along and the more progress that is made the more excited she is getting about the dollhouse.

We are also big into Perler Beads at our home.  My daughter loves to create with them.   Secretly, I think she just loves making me stop whatever I am doing so that I can break out the iron - to iron her designs...but that is for another post.

Recently, I found dollhouse furniture designs on the Perler Bead Website.  The designs are so amazing and creative.  I also loved that my 8yr-old could easily follow them on her own....the only thing I had to do was IRON them.  Here are a few of her designs. She made a bed with a removable comforter and pillow, a love seat, and a table. Next, on her list to create a Perler Bead Grand Piano!

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