July 25, 2011

Projects using Recycled Bottle Caps

It wasn't till today when I was writing up a post for the Bowdabra Blog on how to recycle bottle caps for hair bow centers and scrapbooking that I realized all that I have create with bottle caps!  I think it might be slightly higher than average!?!  Gasp, I might have a bottle cap recycling problem.

I have piles and piles of bottle caps.  I drink certain drinks because they have really great bottle caps (Izze Sparkling Flavored Water, to name one).   If it twists and it is a cap, it is a keeper!  I don't like the ones you need a bottle opener for, it ruins the shape!

Here are a few of the projects I have used recycled bottle caps for:

(decoupaged and embellished little buggies from bottle caps)

(painted bottle caps!)

(decoupage bottle caps with sticker letters)

(bottle caps with decoupaged flower photos)

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