June 29, 2011

Made by Me Wooden Beading Loom Review

Recently, I created a woven beaded bracelet using Darice's Beading Loom.  I had so much fun using the beading loom!  You can see my finished bracelet along with read my experiences of beading weaving, for the first time, at: Crafts Unleashed.  I had so much fun weaving that I thought if I could find a children's beading loom kit that my 8yr old daughter would really enjoy it, as well.

The Made by Me Wooden Beading Loom Kit comes with the loom, 12 packages of seed beads, 2 beading needles, 6 jump rings, 1 spool of beading thread, 4 metal clasps, 2 spools of elastic cords, and 1 key ring. 

It was a very impressive kit and my daughter was super excited to start to weave beads just as I had done a few weeks ago. 

We added the strings on to the loom according to the detailed instructions. 

I loved the concept of using the springs as spacers for the thread, I also loved that the wooden dowels on the end could make the thread tighter as you went.  The hardest part for me when I was weaving is that eventually your thread loses tension and weaving becomes difficult.  This kit allows you to move the dowels on the end to keep tension on the thread at all times; making weaving so much easier!

Here is my daughters finished bracelet; red, white, and blue themed woven bead bracelet.  She is so proud of her final bracelet and that she could weave it all by herself. 

I finished the bracelet for my daughter by tying the ends together and adding the finishing hardware.  Lastly, just to be safe I added an extra strand of thread through each of the bead rows (shh..though we won't tell her that).

Disclosure: I bought the Made by Me Bead Weaving Loom and was not compensated in any way for my review. 


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    1. You can find it at Walmart in their kids craft aisle. :-)


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