March 17, 2011

Bowdabra Spring Hair Bows

Bowdabra Ribbon Crafts & Things Store carries not only Bowdabra products but also a HUGE selection of Morex Ribbon.  Today using my Mini Bowdabra and the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler to make several Spring Hair Bows.

The Hair Bow Tool & Ruler comes with an Interactive CD that gives step-by-step instructions on how to make 70 different hair bows.

I used the CD to make these Spring Bows.

Boutique Bow with a Ribbon Spray Topped with a Bow Tie
Morex Ribbon Used:

Bow Tie topped with a Basic Bow 6 Loops
Morex Ribbon Used:
Boutique Bow topped with a Boutique Bow with Tails
Morex Ribbon Used:
Disclosure: I am the inventor of the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler and the creator of the Interactive CD

Craft Designer: Sarah Forhan
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