February 9, 2011

Love Your Craft Supplies

 "Love your craft supplies!" How appropriate is that for Valentine's Day! Jenny over at Craft Test Dummies is having a linking party. Visit her and other crafters to see what products they love!

I LOVE the Bowdabra® Hair Bow Tool and Ruler. The Hair Bow Tool & Ruler fits over the Mini Bowdabra and allows you to measure your bows uniformly and symmetrical every time. The ruler is perfect for making hair bows, dog bows, cheerleading bows, and little baby bows. The Hair Bow Tool & Ruler comes with an interactive CD that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make over 70 different hair bows.

I am the inventor of the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler and a craft designer for Bowdabra®. I designed the ruler because I wanted an easy way to make hair bows for my daughter. I knew if I as a craft designer was having a hard time making a perfect hair bow other people were having the same problem. I wanted a tool that would make it easy, fun, and allowed my creativity to flourish. I also created an interactive CD with step-by-step pictures instructions on how to make a bow from beginning to end.

The Mini Bowdabra and the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler can be purchased at Consumer Crafts or visit Bowdabra's Ribbon Store for all the Bowdabra products and a great selection of ribbon.

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