January 24, 2011

Hair Bows are for all ages.

I love hair bows.  BUT, they must have a chic sophisticated look.  No cutesy flowers or little girl colors.  I want hair bows with an edge.  A look that says, "Yes, I am wearing a hair bow but I am still a bad ass." Actually, I will settle for a "hint" of bad ass.  Because lets get real a "hint" of bad ass is really all I could muster.  But that will be our little secret!

My latest hair cut has a lot of layers and I like a little bow to just pull the wispies out of my face.  The little snap clips seem to work the best for me.    I usually wrap the snap clips with 3/8" ribbon, yarn, or the specialty fiber ribbon (usually comes on a bobbin).  Here is one of my tutorials on how to wrap your snap clips.

To make my hair bows I use the Mini Bowdabra and the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler.  The Hair Bow Tool and Ruler comes with and Interactive CD that explains on how to make 70 different hair bows.  Interested in winning a Mini Bowdabra and the Hair Bow Tool and Ruler visit my giveaway it ends today (01/24/11)!

For adult bows I really like using sheer ribbon.  I purposely fray the ends of the sheer for a chic sophisticated look.

A must for all adult bows is an interesting centerpiece.  I made the centerpiece using sheets of colored aluminum. I cut the pieces with the aid of my handy dandy Cuttlebug.  Then using my fingernail I bent the edges of each petal up. I then glued the pieces one on top of the other with Aleene's Jewelry & Metal Glue.  Lastly, I added a large button to the center.

To finish the bow; I attached the centerpiece to the bow and then the bow to the snap clip.

Voila, one chic sophisticated bow with a "hint" of bad ass! 

* Today is the last day of my giveaway (1/24/11).  Want to win a Mini Bowdabra and Hair Bow Tool and Ruler visit this post and leave a comment for a chance to win.  *

Craft Designer, Sarah Forhan

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