October 4, 2010

Duct Tape Cuff

Duct tape is a hot new crafting item!  It comes in a variety of colors and is really fun to work with.

Recently my good friend Sandy Sandler emailed me a link to Westcott's facebook page because she knows I love cuffs and thought I would be interested in the event/promotion they were having.  Westcott Scissors hosted at project table at Chicago Craft Social with designer Marisa Pawelko.  Marisa made some really creative duct tape cuffs using Westcott Titanium Bonded NonStick Scissors.

After checking out Wescott's facebook page I was inspired to make my own duct tape cuff.

First, I folded a long piece of duct tape in half so that it had no sticky sides, then I cut the duct tape at the ends to fit my wrist.

Next using my Cuttlebug I punched little flower shapes in the cuff.  Simple scrapbooking punches will work just, as well.

Lastly using my snap fastener I add two little snaps on each end.  Marisa Pawelko used velcro to finish her cuffs and it worked just fine if you prefer not to use snaps.  I just love the look of snaps!

Presto, easy fast made cuff!   Perfect inexpensive gift for birthday parties.

For more cuff projects check out Sandy Sandler's, Crafters 4 Kids, Felt Themed Cuff Bracelets



  1. Sarah, this is absolutely adorable!!!! Great idea!

  2. Hi, Sarah! Sandy sent me here to see your cuff! Nice job! She said you invented the hair bow tool - how cool! I'm going to try making my first one with my daughter this upcoming weekend, hopefully. Following your blog now...come visit Mommy Rantings once in a while. I love follow-backs :) www.imnotnagging.blogspot.com

    Warm Regards,


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