June 1, 2010

When is Father’s Day and What Can I Make Him?

When is Father’s Day and what can I make him? The first part of the question is real easy. Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in June. The second part of the question is a little harder.

I think the gift should be fun and personable. It should reflect the personality of your father. I not only make gifts for my Father on Father’s Day but my children get into the action for their Dad, as well.

For my Father this year I made him a golfing frame. Read all about why I chose golfing and check out the easy tutorial for making your own golf frame. I don’t have many scrapbooking tools so I promise this frame is an easy gift to make that doesn’t require too much supplies or hundreds of dollars in fancy printing, embossing, and cutting machines. –Those last few words were a bit snarky, to be honest, I do have Cricut Expression, ENVY it is just not even close to being in my craft budget. So in the mean time I will be tracing the lips of glass cups. Yes, that is part of my tutorial, go ahead and read all about it.

My children made a fun coin tray using Crayola Model Magic. Here is the article about why we chose Crayola Model Magic and links for the craft tutorial sponsored by Crafters4Kids.

We also made an awesome key-holder using a wooden ruler. The words on the ruler read, “A Father’s Love Can’t Be Measured”. Read my article on how a conversation with my son inspired this craft idea for Crafters4Kids.

I will be doing an entire week of Father’s Day Craft Ideas at my Children’s Craft Column be sure to check it out and subscribe to my column to get the latest articles right to your inbox.

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