April 7, 2010

Earth Day - Plant Stake, Great for Ivy

Earth Day is April 22nd 2010 and most of my posts till the holiday will be centered on including nature in my crafts, recycling, and reusing. Often the crafty mind is in tune with Mother Nature; nothing is more artistic and inspiring than the world around us.

I have a little ivy plant that is struggling, needs to creep, and has had nothing to hold onto. I made a plant stake inspired by recycling and nature to help my ivy plant have something to grab onto. This plant stake also looks great as in a normal house plant, as well.

Metal Bottle Cap
Acrylic Paint
Tacky Glue
Gold Wire 24 gauge
Wire Cutters
Wooden Dowel

To purchase paint, wire, glitter, and wire cutters visit AllCraftSupplies.com

Paint the metal bottle cap with acrylic paint. It will take several coats.

Place tacky glue on the center of the bottle cap and sprinkle glitter onto it. Let dry overnight.

Using the 24 gauge form 4 loops twisted together in the center. Make two sets. Helpful Hint: The center does not have to be perfect the bottle cap will cover it.

Hold the two sets of loops together with a wire in the center. Bend the edges of the wire out to hold the bottle cap.

Wrap wire around a wooden dowel and attach the dowel to the center of the flower.

Attach the bottle cap to the center of flower, using the two pieces of wire you bent out. If you need, use glue dots or a glue gun to the hold the ends of the wire to the back of the bottle cap.

Place the wooden dowel into the plant for decoration or to give ivy a place to cling to.

Warning: I am unsure if the wire will change the PH in the plant’s soil. Do not wrap the wire all the way to the bottom of dowel and only place the wood into the soil.

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