March 24, 2010

How to Start a Garden from Seeds

Starting a garden from seed is a wonderful way for children to see the magnificent transformation of seed, to seedling, to a strong hardy plant full of goodness. And a garden is also a great way to get children to eat their veggies!!

Items Needed:
Burpee Garden Starter Kit
Seed Packets

1. Purchase a greenhouse kit from you local gardening store. I prefer the kit versus the old fashion egg carton for many reasons. The kit has 72 individual cells, growing pellets, and cover. The greenhouse cells are 2 inches deep and allow for underneath watering. Underneath watering is very important because it saves the little seedlings from the harshness of water dripping on top of them. Also, when you water from the top excess moisture builds up on the top of the soil and mildew and mold can start to grow.
2. Place two or three seeds in each cell. If you put more than that the seedlings will fight for nourishment. As the seedlings start to get larger take manicure scissors and cut back all the seedlings except for one in each cell. You will want to cut back the extra seedlings at the stem (just above the soil). You don't want to just pull the seedlings out of the dirt because you could possibly destroy the delicate root system of the plant that you are keeping.
3. Use plant stakes to label your plants. The plant stakes will get wet so make sure you use permanent marker. It is very important that you know what plants are what, for obvious reasons.
4. Seeds on average take 21 days to germinate. When germinating they just need to be warm they do not necessarily need sun. In the beginning, the kit can be placed somewhere in your home that is room temperate whether it is a sunny room or not. However, once seedling come up through the soil sun is very important.

I wish you and your family a wonderful veggie filled summer! - Sarah Forhan

Visit my Children's Craft Tutorial - How to Design and Decorate Seed Packets to Give as Gift
"It is just a matter of months before gardens will be in full bloom. Many of us have started seedlings indoors but what to do with all those extra seeds?  Seed packets often come with way more seeds than the average gardener really needs.  Why not give those extra seeds as gifts?" 

Disclosure: I was not paid or solicited in anyway to write a review for Burpee.  I just love their Garden Seed Starting Kit and I wanted to pass along my good luck with their products to you!  Enjoy!

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