December 11, 2009

More Holiday Gifts

It is not about the money spent; but rather about the thought and time that goes into gifts this holiday season.

Here are some easy inexpensive gifts to make for your loved ones, neighbors, teachers, and co-workers.

All of my craft instructions can be found at Crafters4Kids.

Day 11 - Dog Bowl & Treats for your furry friend

Day 10 - Book and Bookmark - Perfect gift for a Teacher or Grandparent Best of all kids can easily make the bookmark, with no mess!

Day 9 - Holiday Gift Card and Christmas Tree Pin - Perfect Gift for Grandma Children can easily make the card and pin.

Day 8 - Fun Reindeer Ornament made using pipe cleaners, terra cotta pot, and googly eyes.

Day 7 - Mulling Spice in a Mug. Boutique style gift perfect for friends!

Day 6 - Jelly Jars filled with Candy and Decorated with Gems around the band.

Day 5 - Homemade playdough children can make for their classmates. Wrap the playdough in cloth and attach cookie cutters.

Day 4 - Reindeer Apple "Healthy with a Little Sweet"

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